Infinite Twelve will release a variety of images, poems, short stories, and photographs throughout this year. 
You can see them here and on Guy Vincent’s website.
“The Stone Angel Sessions” by Infinite Twelve takes listeners on a lo-fi musical journey about love, loss, and redemption.  The album features retro inspired acoustic-electric soundscapes recorded entirely on a 4-track cassette recorder.
Welcome to Infinite Twelve, a musical odyssey blending indie rock, electronic, and experimental sounds. At the helm is Guy Vincent, a celebrated multidisciplinary artist who channels his creativity into music. His poetic lyrics come alive in tracks like "Verse By Verse (for Beaver Chief)." Adding depth and expertise is Brian Alan Hager, a Berklee-educated multi-instrumentalist and solo artist. Infinite Twelve pushes the limits of music, offering an emotional and imaginative journey you won't forget.

Photography © Fiona Nicole 
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